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Adopting Amelia

Perhaps one day I will write why I believe being a stepmother is hardest of all, but not today and not one week from today. Next week is not about me, it is all about my daughter: what she is losing and what she is gaining. What I hope she is gaining is comfort, security, peace and love.


The Morse Code of Mutual Marital Snark

My wife, Leah, and I are engaged in some classes for an endeavor of major consequence for our personal lives. It’s a cause we believe in, temporarily suspended when we came down with a case of the Nezzie over two years ago. The problem with these classes is that they are group classes, and they

Snow Days

The gematria for the Hebrew word for snow, שלג (sheleg), is 333, which is the same value of the word שכחה (shich’cha) for forgetfulness. Parents of children out of Maine schools for two, possibly three days, may be worried about forgetfulness when it comes to academics. Some rabbi, and I’m never going to remember the source,


Long Hikes and Talks with a Daughter

Amelia and I undertook our first real serious Maine hike together over Thanksgiving weekend.  We went to Sears Island, walked along the shoreline, and talked about the deep things that Amelia likes to let out on long hikes. This is an amazing honor roll student.  This is a kid that is already formulating her plans

Introductory Kvetch

Above – Amelia runs into the garden maze at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg Kvetch – Yiddish for a constant complainer, or a nagging complaint I really have no reason to complain, but I wanted a Yiddish word relevant to blogging, and I remembered Esther Kustanowitz’s very interesting blog, My Urban Kvetch. We’re moving to

About Brian

Brian Kresge

Brian Kresge

Writer, soldier, programmer, father, musician, Heeb, living in the woods of Down East Maine with three ladies and a dog.

About Leah

Leah Kresge

Leah Kresge

Director of Education for Congregation Beth Israel in Bangor, Maine, special educator and former school board member, mother to Amelia and Nezzie.

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January 13, 2017


September 17, 2017

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February 15, 2017


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