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The Ship of Theseus

Plutarch, in Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, asked if Theseus’ ship, having had all of its component parts replaced across generations, was the same ship as it was when it was first constructed. The same paradox exists within our own lives. All of our cells will be completely replaced on a cycle of

A House in the Woods

I grew up in the City of Lancaster in Pennsylvania. I went to a city school. I had city friends. People tend to think of Lancaster as a bucolic Amish paradise, but the city itself is old with urban demographics. The neighborhood I grew up in is now predominantly multi-tenant, low income rentals, rather than

Leaving Pennsylvania

I left before, 22 years ago, for Fort Benning, Georgia. Back then, I had a girlfriend I wanted to get back to. She broke up with me shortly into my enlistment. I’ve moved what feels like a million times. I moved from Kentucky to Alaska, with all my earthly possessions in a puny Hyundai coup.


The boxes are packed and staged for the movers. A decade ago, Leah and I settled on Manheim, Pennsylvania after we married. It was a decent halfway point between her teaching gig in Lebanon County, and my job in Lancaster. Manheim is an old-fashioned, Friday night lights, blue collar Brigadoon, kind of town. It’s charming.

Introductory Kvetch

Above – Amelia runs into the garden maze at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg Kvetch – Yiddish for a constant complainer, or a nagging complaint I really have no reason to complain, but I wanted a Yiddish word relevant to blogging, and I remembered Esther Kustanowitz’s very interesting blog, My Urban Kvetch. We’re moving to

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Brian Kresge

Brian Kresge

Writer, soldier, programmer, father, musician, Heeb, living in the woods of Down East Maine with three ladies and a dog.

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Leah Kresge

Leah Kresge

Director of Education for Congregation Beth Israel in Bangor, Maine, special educator and former school board member, mother to Amelia and Nezzie.

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An Ancient Call

January 13, 2017


September 17, 2017

Digital Time Capsules

February 15, 2017


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